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The Brunswick News–Journal (BNJ) is dedicated to informing citizens of happenings in our community, keeping people up to date on local government plans and actions, alerting people to upcoming activities of local organizations, and providing an economical means for local businesses to advertise to local people. Its emphasis is on local.

The BNJ is distributed free at the beginning of each month to postal addresses in Brunswick,  Rosemont, Burkittsville, Jefferson, and Lovettsville — approximately 6,500 households and businesses. Free copies are available at the shops of advertisers and at local libraries. The costs for production and mailing are covered by advertisements.

We are looking to our readers for letters to the editor, general-interest articles, reports of events — anything of interest to Brunswick and surrounding communities. Write to us at

How do I get a copy of the BNJ if I don’t live in Brunswick?

Copies of each month’s papers should be available at the library and city hall in Brunswick (and in Lovettsville). Copies will also be in the stores of advertisers. Also, you can download the current and past issues on the Current/Past Issues page — you can find it in the menu above.

Can I get a copy if I live too far from Brunswick to obtain copies locally?

Yes, but it will cost about $2.75 each month (postage is $1.90). Write to and let us know about your interest.

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