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Brunswick, MD Train Station Oct 2015

How the Brunswick News-Journal came to be

For more than a century Brunswick, Maryland has had a local weekly newspaper. The most recent of those, The Citizen, went out of business in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

In February 2023 an email went to a number of Brunswick residents: “There is a big hole in our community. A lack, an absence. It’s The Citizen newspaper. We’ve heard it a number of times in the past year: “Where can I find out about that?” “How can we publicize this?” (sigh) “I sure miss The Citizen.”


As a result several of those residents decided to start this publication. We hope that it might fill that hole.

The Brunswick News–Journal will be published monthly to start, so it would not be a “news” paper, but it would cover local matters such as Council meetings and community activities. Articles and ads from local organizations. A garden column, perhaps a calendar (“What to do in your garden this week.”)  It would have a lot of humor, local essays, local photos, perhaps stories and serialized fiction, poetry.

It will also, we hope, provide an opportunity for local businesses to advertise to local customers at a reasonable cost.

What should it be called? The Brunswick Banner? The Potomac Street Journal? The Potomac Publication (the PotPub)? The Brunswick Record?

We were approached by the publisher of the Emmitsburg News–Journal and the Woodsboro–Walkersville News–Journal who pointed out the possible business advantages of an informal collaboration. We decided on the Brunswick News–Journal.

Every household in Brunswick will receive a copy at no charge. Households in Rosemont, Burkittsville and Lovettsville will also be included. We may soon expand to Jefferson. The printing, postage and other expenses will covered by advertising sales. We want to keep ad costs down, so local businesses can reach local customers.

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